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What Is It Like Working With Family?

tvoApril 4, 2018
“Husband-and-wife team David and Stephanie Ciccarelli are the co-founders of “We came up with the idea after an article was written about my recording studio in the local newspaper,” said David. "As a married couple working together, it’s important to recognize that practically 100 percent of your time is spent together, from waking up or having lunch, to team meetings and going to sleep.”

Winning Workplaces Put Flexibility First

tvoMarch 27, 2018
“A company’s employees take a survey based on four pillars: work, life, mental health and physical health. Employees’ well-being is scored based on their responses, and the aggregate of responses determines their company’s score. Those companies that meet a minimum statistical threshold earn the distinction of being named an Employee Recommended Workplace and can use the award badge to promote their company. This is no small feat.”

250+ Proven Ways to Make Money in 2018: The Ultimate Guide

tvoMarch 26, 2018
“I think we can all agree that getting paid to talk is a pretty sweet gig, and is the #1 marketplace for voice over talent. Voice actors and actresses can join at either the guest or premium levels ($33.25 per month, billed annually), which lets you create your own profile on the site and audition for publicly posted jobs.”

10 Marketing Experts Share Tips to Create Explainer Videos That Convert

tvoMarch 20, 2018
"An explainer video is more like a brand-to-audience conversation. It’s therefore crucial that the voice-over speaks to the audience in an engaging way. You should not go for bland, robotic voice-overs. The voice talent you cast should be a representation of your audience (age, language, accent, and demographic etc.). Your viewers would love listening to a voice which sounds like a guy/girl next door."

Actor Gives Insight Into Demanding and Exciting Industry

tvoMarch 15, 2018
“Joe Wakeford, 37, who also composes his own music, spoke about how he fell into the voiceover work, going on to build his client list and progress from the start. It can be said no two days are the same in voiceover acting and it leads to various opportunities across the industry. The 37-year-old said he believes the job can be for anyone who wishes to take that step.”

2018 Voice Over Trends: The Future is Female

tvoMarch 12, 2018
“The number of voice-over job postings for female voices grew 24% and will exceed that of males within 7 years. This is a big deal because the voice-over industry has historically been male-dominated. This shift to female voices correlates to the emergence of the  “just like me” trend in advertising. What this means is that consumers increasingly prefer (and relate better) to someone who sounds like them.”

Morgan Freeman Tops Online Survey As Most Popular Celebrity Voice Of 2018

tvoMarch 7, 2018
“According to an online survey, done by, Morgan Freeman unsurprisingly tops the list of celebrity voices most in demand for ad campaigns. Freeman is followed by George Clooney, Mike Rowe, Sam Elliott, James Earl Jones, Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, Viola Davis and finally, Beyonce.”

Why You're Always Hearing Celebrities Voice Commercials

tvoFebruary 21, 2018
“The report reveals the most popular celebrity voices according to marketing and advertising professionals, as well as how these professionals plan to use celebrity talent and related vocal archetypes in 2018 campaigns. In addition, the report explains why certain voices are so sought-after, even when you can’t see the famous person’s face connected with their voice.”

Newfoundland Doctor Finds Flourishing Sideline in Voice-Over Work

tvoJanuary 25, 2018
“As fast as he can say pseudotumor cerebri in his warm and reassuring tone, Dr. Anatol Silotch can transform his voice to sound like a happy Irishman, a posh Brit, a 1950s gangster or a flamboyant European supermodel.”

St. John’s Doctor Uses Voice Acting Career to Fuel His Goal of Becoming a Practising Physician

tvoJanuary 18, 2018
“As fast as he can say pseudotumor cerebri in his warm and reassuring tone, Dr. Anatol Silotch can transform his voice to sound like a happy Irishman, a posh Brit, a 1950s gangster or a flamboyant European supermodel.”

Entrepreneurs Leading the Pack

tvoJanuary 16, 2018
“When it comes to finding contractors for any kind of voice acting, it can be difficult for companies to find the right talent. That’s where David Ciccarelli and his London, Ont.-based comes in.”

London CEO Named Finalist for Canadian Innovation Award

tvoJanuary 9, 2018
“ CEO David Ciccarelli, along with three others, is vying for top honours in the Entrepreneur category. Founded in 2005 by David and Stephanie Ciccarelli, is an online voice-over company that connects businesses with professional voice talent globally.”

Listen Up! 5 Voice Trends That Will Define Advertising and Marketing in 2018

tvoJanuary 9, 2018
“With audio becoming a key component of the digital marketing mix, brand marketers will need to stay on top of the trends taking place in voice markets. Each year,, a global online marketplace for voiceover talent, identifies what’s been happening in audio, based on insights from its internal data and input from nearly a thousand creative professionals. Here are the key findings from its 2018 Trends Report.” Now Offering Access to Unionized Talent

tvoJanuary 5, 2018
“Compounded by the fact that it’s adding access to talent agents and their unionized voice actors to the site’s current offering of professional non-union voice actors, is seeing an exponential increase in traffic on its platform at a global scale.” Expands Platform to Include SAG-AFTRA Union Voice Actors

tvoJanuary 4, 2018
“In August 2017, the company acquired California-based, which allows producers to hire union voice over actors through their talent agents. In February, the two companies will operate under the umbrella”

London’s Expands Platform to Unionized Media Artists

tvoJanuary 4, 2018
“The London-based company is once again expanding its stronghold in the voice-over market—an industry pegged at $4.4 billion annually—by offering access to Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, or SAG-AFTRA members for short.”

5 Killer Stats to Start Your Week

tvoJanuary 2, 2018
“While demand for English voice overs continues to dominate, the desire for localised voices – those that have an accent or dialect – across all languages, is increasing. Demand for English with a British accent rose by 12%, while English with an Australian accent grew 22%. Meanwhile, demand for Spanish (Latin American) grew 11%, compared to French (Canadian) at 3%.”

The Winners’ Circle Event Celebrated Adweek’s Agency Award Winners of 2017

tvoDecember 19, 2017
“On Dec. 12 at the Bryant Park Grill Holiday Pavilion, Adweek toasted its 2017 agency award winners, including McCann, our U.S. Agency of the Year, Wieden + Kennedy, our Global Agency of the Year, Kinetic Worldwide, our Media-All Star, and more. It was a festive night filled with twinkly lights, cocktails and fun.”

Voice Casting Reveals Marketing and Advertising Trends for 2018

tvoDecember 17, 2017
“The report was completed by nearly 1,000 creative professionals – ad executives, filmmakers, producers, marketing professionals, and more – and will include new data around the power of the human voice. The report also highlights how the creative community chooses – and uses – voice over, (and) offers a unique insight into what resonates with the modern consumer on both an emotional and psychological level.”

The 15 Best Side Hustles for Teachers

tvoDecember 4, 2017
"As a teacher, you’re probably used to talking all day, and voice over acting offers you a way to get paid to talk. If you have a unique voice and especially if you have some acting experience under your belt, doing voiceover work would be a good side gig to consider.”

These Are the Perks Your Employees Crave

tvoDecember 1, 2017
“As society puts a growing emphasis on issues like mental health, stress management, and wellness, HR departments must design a plan to support their employees,” she explained. “Providing these supports has become an indicator of a great place to work and confirms that the employer truly cares about the wellbeing of the employee.”

33 eLearning Vendors Who Can Optimize Your Online Training

tvoNovember 30, 2017
“With this on-demand voice over platform, you can get professional, competitively-priced voice work by posting jobs to a talent pool of more than 200,000 voice actors. Used by top brands including Microsoft, Hulu, and Discovery Channel.”

Deloitte Releases List of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Tech Companies for 2017

tvoNovember 9, 2017
“Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, the technology award program identifies leaders in a variety of sectors like hardware, software, telecom, digital media, and emerging areas such as clean technology.”

Deloitte Technology Fast 50 winners achieve strong growth in a challenging labour market

tvoNovember 9, 2017
“The Technology Fast 50 program recognizes Canadian technology companies for their entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, rapid revenue growth, and world-class achievements. This year, the Fast 50 winners achieved an average four-year growth rate of 4,625 per cent, which represents a 74 per cent increase from 2016.”

Gig It ‘Til You Make It: 8 Side Hustles You Can Do In Hong Kong

tvoNovember 7, 2017
“For those who are sceptical as to just how mature the gig economy is: 44% of people of those aged 25 to 34 now have a side-hustle, and there appears to be little discrepancy in interest among industries and income. In other words, the gig economy is here to stay.”

Voice Over Market is Key for E-learning Developments

tvoNovember 5, 2017
“Unsurprisingly the majority of voice over work relates to the entertainment sector, at 58 percent. The biggest growth, however, is with education and e-learning initiatives, which has climbed to over 5 percent. The growth in North America exceeds that of other parts of the world, putting the U.S. slightly ahead in the e-learning development stakes.”

Think most voice over jobs are in radio? Think again.

tvoOctober 24, 2017
“According to the latest data, radio represents just 0.7 per cent of total work completed in the US$4.4 billion industry, despite the fact that it is often the first category thought of when voice over comes to mind.”

6 Steps to Building a Successful Animated Explainer Video

tvoOctober 19, 2017
“Explainer videos are a great way to engage potential customers and educate them about your product or service. Given that it is typically the first impression someone has of your company, it’s crucial to get it right.”

Leading in a Disruptive World

tvoOctober 4, 2017
“A leader is important in any business, but disruptive businesses are arguably even more the product of their leader’s vision. When you’re turning a sector on its head, you’ve got to lead from the front and convince the naysayers – sometimes even within your own team – that it’s the way forward.”

The Importance Of A Brand’s Voice: Metaphorically And Physically

tvoOctober 2, 2017
“Every business needs to have a strong brand voice from the outset. It helps to form a concrete vision moving forwards, and keeps all marketing communications – both internally and externally – as consistent as possible.”

For the Best Sales and Marketing Tactics, Leverage The Wisdom of 500+ Successful CEOs

tvoSeptember 29, 2017
“Acquiring a company with an established user base meant we could accelerate growth and better service our customer's needs by connecting them to other users they otherwise would not have known about or had access to. Deploying this tactic has allowed us to fast track our plans considerably, and has prevented us from wasting resources that can be put back in our established marketing program."

Your brand’s voice stretches further than you think

tvoSeptember 21, 2017
“Human voice recordings are everywhere - from your business' voicemail system to the elevators in the building - and it's salient for marketers to consider what their actual brand's voice sounds like, from its tone and personality down to its gender, accent and age, so that it is consistent with the brand's content and aligns with how their customers want to be spoken to.”

Global Voice Over Market Worth $4.4 Billion Annually:

tvoSeptember 21, 2017
“The Report on the Global Voice Over Market is said to be the first such research available and it sheds light on the size and scope of the voice over market worldwide. Data was collected from’s database of more than 250,000 national and international job transactions, as well as publicly available industry statistics. The report also covers the opportunities that exist within the industry, including areas of interest and growth.”

Getting the Marketing Message Across – Why the Voice You Choose is Vital

tvoSeptember 19, 2017
“Do you use a celebrity or the girl next door to share your marketing message and win share of voice within your target marketplace? The tone you take is telling, as research shows, says Stephanie Ciccarelli.”

Canada’s Fastest-Growing Marketing and Media Companies: 2017 PROFIT 500

tvoSeptember 14, 2017
“As the competition for customers grows ever-fiercer, more and more companies are looking to promotions and branding to help them win business. But not all marketers are created equal. Only the industry’s top firms produce the kind of work that attracts customers and earns a spot on the 2017 PROFIT 500 ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies.”


Is Your Brand's Voice, Male, Female, Human or Mineral?

tvoSeptember 11, 2017
“And gender represents just one dimension of voice branding[.] David Ciccarelli founder and chief executive of voice-over marketplace[:] ‘There’s accent, age, tone, personality… these are all considerations we find companies are more conscious of now than ever before,’ he said.”


Voice-Activated AI is the Future – But Only in the Right Context

tvoAugust 23, 2017
“While synthetic voices have been around for a long time — they’ve been used for years on television, public transport and on customer service telephone lines — voice-activated AI has taken longer to find its way into the mainstream.”

Five Minutes with David Ciccarelli

tvoAugust 10, 2017
“From humble beginnings in a studio-cum-flat to presiding over an $18 million growth investment by Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital in July 2017, the founder and CEO of voiceover marketplace, David Ciccarelli, has made a career in providing a voice for the world’s biggest brands.”

Term Sheet — Thursday, Aug. 10

tvoAugust 10, 2017
“, which is backed by Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital, agreed to acquire, a Beverly Hills, Calif.-based website that hires celebrities for voice-overs. Financial terms weren’t disclosed.”


Morgan Stanley-Backed to Buy

tvoAugust 9, 2017
“, which is backed by Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital, has agreed to acquire California-based, a website that hires celebrities for voice-overs. No financial terms were disclosed.”

London, Ont.-Based Acquires California-Based Rival

tvoAugust 9, 2017
“Reversing the news you might expect from this type of announcement, a Canadian online business is expanding its operations by purchasing its U.S. counterpart." to acquire

tvoAugust 9, 2017
“‘The acquisition will create a new paradigm for the process of securing voice talent across the globe,’ says CEO and founder, David Ciccarelli. ‘Years of customer feedback and an ongoing commitment to continue to revolutionize the voice over industry has resulted in this transaction. Acquiring will see strengthening relationships in the community and further delivering on the evolving needs of clients and talent alike.’” to Acquire


FINSMESAugust 13, 2017
“, a London, Canada-based online marketplace for audio and voice over products and services, is to acquire, an online platform for casting and project management workflow.” Acquires


CNBCAugust 9, 2017
“Combined, and will address all segments of the market and include all engagement types from animation dubbing to global television spots to podcasts to gaming. While operating as separate platforms, will immediately benefit from’s deep investment in its technology and systems.” Acquires


CantechAugust 9, 2017
“, the largest global online marketplace for audio and voice over products and services, announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire, a leading online platform for casting and project management workflow utilized by more than 1,600 of the top global advertising agencies, casting directors and creative, television and film production studios.”


London-based acquires California based


Bus LondonAugust, 8 2017
“London-based has tightened its grip on the global voiceover market by buying an indirect competitor, the company announced Wednesday. On the heels of an $18-million investment by banking giant Morgan Stanley, the downtown firm has acquired – which is used by more than 1,600 ad agencies, casting directors and TV/film studios.” Raises $18 million to Scale Global Operations for 200,000-Strong Voice Actor Network

tvoJuly 12, 2017
“London-based, a global voice-over marketplace, has just raised an $18 million growth round from Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital. [. . .] In a statement, noted that its platform has enabled over 250,000 transactions to date. The company’s users leverage its site to complete projects that require voiceovers such as documentaries, animation, film, radio, and video games.” Lands $18 Million Investment from Morgan Stanley

tvoJuly 12, 2017
“London’s has raised a $18 million growth round from Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital. is the leading online platform connecting global buyers of audio and voice-over products and services with the largest online selection of over 200,000 voice actors representing over 100 languages and dialects. The round represents’s first institutional investment since its founding in 2005.” London Firm Has Netted an $18-Million Investment From a Global Bank, and Plans to Stay Right Here

tvoJuly 12, 2017
“ has secured one of the biggest investments in the London tech industry’s history, US$18 million from a global venture capitalist. Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital’s investment in the company, which represents voice-over talent worldwide, will spark major growth — and’s owners plan to do it in London.”


How Voicebots Will Free Us From Our Screens

tvoJune 21, 2017
“With the release of Apple’s HomePod, unveiled at WWDC 2017, the race has officially started — we are all waiting to see who will win as the leader in the voice-activated intelligent speaker market. And while the early adopters get to work integrating these devices into their lives and the late adopters drag their heels because of security fears, we might all still agree that this trend toward voice-activated technology is not showing any signs of slowing down.”


Why Emotional Intelligence is Key for Project Success

tvoMay 5, 2017
“At, a company that connects businesses with professional voice talent, HR director Kaitlyn Apfelbeck said that high EQ isn't necessarily required for employees who work independently, but that ‘EQ is necessary for success when others depend on you or are required to work closely with you.’"


Accelerator Making Windsor Entrepreneurial Launch (and Landing) Pad

tvoMay 1, 2017
“, begun as a husband and wife team in 2004, recently moved its more than 100 employees to a new world headquarters in downtown London. With more than 1,000 new tech jobs added last year, Brown said his city is now home to about 11,000 in the sector, double the figure of just five years ago.”


How Do You Grow from a Successful Business to a Mega Successful Business?

tvoApril 7, 2017
“I have an interview today with a founder whose company I profiled back in 2014. The company was big back then but it’s grown and I want to know how. Origin stories are always interesting but I want to hear about growth. David Ciccarelli is the founder of, an online marketplace for voice-over professionals.”


How to Prevent Discrimination from Taking Root in Your Online Biz

tvoApril 3, 2017
“The kind of hurt that discrimination causes runs deep, and can take a long, long time to heal. Whether or not a company founder envisioned their platform would be used that way or not doesn’t matter. What’s important is to realize that business owners do have a responsibility to be stewards of a marketplace that’s free from discrimination, whenever they are able to.”


London Left Behind?

tvoFebruary 27, 2017
“Decisions made in boardrooms thousands of kilometres away have left some feeling their fate is out of their hands. The Agenda looks at the effects of major job loss [...], how automation plays a role, and how communities such as London can bring back autonomy to people in an age of precarious work.”


Are You Hearing

Computer AmericaFebruary 27, 2017
“The company was founded by David Ciccarelli and Stephanie Ciccarelli who mapped out the idea for a global voice-over marketplace on a napkin at their kitchen table. is the largest online voice-over marketplace in the world. 200,000 talent from around the globe, speaking over 100 languages and dialects, are connected daily to the job opportunities posted by 200,000 clients.”


So You're a Startup CEO? In Fact, Your Job Is More That of 'Chief Myth-Buster.'

EntrepreneurFebruary 24, 2017
“I find an increasing need for the voice of reason -- the need for someone to clarify points or summarize ideas so that all may be assured that, as it’s often phrased, “Everyone is on the same page.” Traditionally, this role has rested with the meeting leader or the most senior individual according to the organizational chart of your growing startup. If you’re the CEO, that person would be you.”


Four Reasons You Failed To Reach Your Potential Last Year (And How To Fix It)

ForbesFebruary 10, 2017
“In personal and professional development, it's my belief that everyone has a seed of success within them. It's also true that few ever realize their potential for success. Here are four reasons why this occurs -- and how you can apply some simple truths to experience your own breakthrough”


London Firm’s ‘Secret Sauce’ is Matching Clients Worldwide with Exactly the Sound They’re After

ForbesJanuary 18, 2017
“Spread out in chic new downtown headquarters, is on track to grow by 50 per cent this year as it pushes further into global markets.”


Trends Report: How the Media and Advertising Landscape is Shifting in 2017

Yahoo! FinanceJanuary 4, 2017
“ has released their look at the media and advertising trends that will dominate over the next year. The 2017 Trends Report illuminates how the North American media and advertising landscape is shifting - as told by the voice over industry.”


Signs it’s Time to Move Your Office

The Huffington PostJanuary 4, 2017
“There comes a time in every start-up’s life when you’ve outgrown your space. It could be because you’re hiring to explore new markets, ramp up sales or conquer technical challenges. Whatever the reason, you need to hire people. And, people need space to work from. But when is the right time to move?”


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